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  1. Why Choose An Entertainment Agency? - Every day of the week you can find entertainment services all over the Gold Coast that offer a fantastic and free experience. From your favourite venue to special gigs set up around the Coast, you will always find something exciting in this city. But no one ever wonders where did these bands and acts come from? The time will come … Read More
  2. 4 Reasons to support live music at your local venue - Do you ever wonder why the old music still lives in the modern world? Or why the popular ‘retro’ songs are still present and playing in the clubs and cafes? And why they are often remixed and played in various versions? We all need to support live music and live venues. Yes, it is a thing that is often spoken … Read More
  3. How does live entertainment matter to music? - The Internet era has surely made us smarter and more effective. The ability to search your device for whatever mood you want to be in is a routine for many of us. The Internet has been a wonderful place – but only for those who know how to deal with it. Despite its massive usage and possible addiction, the new … Read More

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